GroupMe .NET SDK unofficial :)


GroupMe is a great tool for chatting with everyone you know, using groups and direct messaging.

As GroupMe have a nice REST API, I wanted to access their API using ASP.NET, but unfortunately there was no .NET software development kit around.

That was the beginning of this interesting project.

Get GroupMe .NET SDK now


The first stable version is released and available now. All major parts of the public GroupMe API are now implemented including the following:

  • Groups management
  • Member of groups management
  • Group messages and direct messages support
  • Message like support
  • Bot management
  • Support for image, location and emoji attachments
  • Helper classes for authorization and emoji parsing / rendering


With the release v1.0.0 there is now a complete code / library documentation available here. Also full VisualStudio Intellisense support is available.

Where you get the SDK

If you're using NuGet in your project, I always recommend to use the GroupMe SDK NuGet package. This way, you always receive the latest updates, as soon as I publish a new version.

The sourcecode is available on CodePlex. On CodePlex I also always publish the latest version binaries as download. Just check the project page and download it there.