About Christoph Keller

"Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute."

Hal Abelson

Programming career

My programming career started at age 11. There I used GW Basic to generate weird sounds (out of the good old PC speaker) and to draw random colored lines on the 16 color monitor. After some more practice, I started to learn Borland Pascal and Turbo Pascal (thank you to Thomas Bigler!).

This was the point where I converted to a programming addict. After that time, I used many programming languages including Delphi, VB, C / C++ before I finally got to the web-programming thing.

My first steps in the web-world where done with Microsoft Frontpage (yes, I know, shame on me ;)). Then I started to use Classic ASP to get some dynamic data in the static HTML pages. The Classic ASP was more a hobby, in this time I was working as a Support-Staff member at a hardware-assembly company and had nothing to do with a website.

Since 2007, I'm working as a full-time Web developer, first in an advertising agency and from 2010 until now in a software development company (GARAIO LABS). There I'm using mostly latest web-development technologies like ASP.NET MVC 5, Composite C1 CMS, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Knockout JS and many more.

What I'm doing in my spare time

Most of the time, I'm sitting in front of the computer also in my spare time. I have done some private-projects, mostly open source, just to stay in contact with all the new exciting technologies around. See more in the projects section of this page.

However, I have other hobbies too: photography, traveling and tv-series junkie, just to mention a few. In the photography section, you will find some more info about this hobby.