DNN GroupMe Chat Module


This project started on request of a developer (thanks for pointing me to that, Cappo). It is just a small DotNetNuke module which provides a chat-box on your website using GroupMe as backend service. This way, users chatting on the website can talk to users on the go (as they can use the GroupMe application for ther mobile-device).

Get DNN GroupMe Chat Module now


The DotNetNuke GroupMe Chat module is currently a beta, as not all features are implemented yet. It uses the GroupMe .NET SDK for communicating to the GroupMe servers.

The following features are still missing:

  • No emoticon support
  • No image upload support (images posted in GroupMe chat will be displayed).
  • Only GroupMe profile pic is displayed. No link to DNN profile.
  • Likes are not displayed

Where do you get DNN GroupMe Chat Module

The DotNetNuke GroupMe Chat Module is available as source or DNN Extension on CodePlex.

If you want to use the module on your website, just get to the project-page, hit 'download' and add this module to your existing DNN installation.