Fiddler AMF Parser extension for fiddler 2 / 4


The goal of this project is to provide a working and standards based AMF (Action Message Format) reader for the web debugging tool Fiddler.

This project was originally inspired by this AMFParser. I started a own project because I had other ideas (especialy the processing plugins) which were hard to realize with the other solution.
Also I did not want to mess around with the AMF Part itself, so I just used the perfect AMF deserializer from FluorineFx.

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The project is currently stable and there are no pending features to implement. If you have any suggestions or any feedback, please contact me using either the contact form or directly create a feature-request on CodePlex.

Where you get Fiddler AMF Parser

The addon is available on the CodePlex project page for either Fiddler 2 (.NET 2.0) or Fiddler 4 (.NET 4.0).