Composite C1 packages

Composite C1 packages developed by Christoph Keller.


In this project, I want to share the created Composite C1 packages. Currently there are the following packages available:

  • CkSoftware ImageWatermark: Add a watermark on every image Composite C1 delivers. You can choose between a image watermark or a text watermark and add them to any of the four corners of an image.

Get the Composite C1 packages now


The ImageWatermark package is currently in the approval process for the Composite C1 package store. As long as it is not published, it is available on the Codeplex page. After the approval it will be available directly in your Composite C1 available packages folder in the System-perspective of the C1 backend.


Thanks goes out to Rick Strahl for his blog article, from where I got the ResponseFilterStream. Thanks alot!

Where do you get the Composite C1 packages

The source-code and also the compiled packages are available in the Codeplex hosting here.