blog / Store App: Stacked content scrolled HorizontallyEver tried using the ScrollViewer Control for Vertically stacked elements and wanted to scroll only horizontally? Here is a short explanation.2014-03-27T16:41:00+01:00ff44fc28-708c-49ad-b7ff-cfab0100db77 error pages in Composite C1Custom error pages in IIS look very great, but in case of a CMS, they seem to be too static most of the time. Here is a short explanation how you can create correct error pages with Composite C1 CMS.2014-03-23T18:33:00+01:000961afd4-2ee3-46a8-b6b9-2cd8c47838bd - Debugging made easyGlimpse shows execution timings, server configuration, request data and more, all in browser, with no changes to your application code. Just install the NuGet package, and you're good to go!2014-03-20T12:04:00+01:00497ffff4-e00a-4925-a37c-d29e2484c5db 4.0 Chart ControlToday I would like to introduce the new Chart Control, which was newly added to the ASP.NET 4.0 Framework.2011-07-31T11:37:00+02:0000390bbb-c177-42aa-afa8-350f49f19546 IDisposable pattern on sub-classesScenario: I had a base-class which was implementing the IDisposable pattern (including the GC.SuppressFinalize() part). From this class, I inherited a sub-class which also required doing some disposing stuff.2011-07-15T10:24:00+02:00e7abc0ee-d9a1-4229-8ea9-579309066ef6 fixing SharePoint 2010 large lookup dropdownsEver tried to display a large dropdown with a source list with more than 20 entries in the source list, mapped to a single-lookup field in a custom new- / edit-form?2011-05-07T10:01:00+02:0018ed2aab-f689-410e-bc46-f0ed2089ab13 Debugging a SharePoint 2010 Timed JobRecently, I had to develop a timed job (an instant one-time job) on the SharePoint 2010. During the development, I asked myself how I can debug the just created job, so I started searching for a solution.2011-05-03T09:40:00+02:00b0b0bfb2-c18e-4079-8915-7d41b2d331e1 Create an easy and flexible URL-RewriterToday, I would like to show you how you can create a small, easy and flexible URL Rewriter / Redirector Module.2011-03-30T18:06:00+02:0043412247-a06b-4929-ace8-ab470c4d0b82 Sandboxed Solutions: Performance problems / unstable servicesOn one of our SharePoint Servers, we got a problem on activating a Sandboxed solution in a SiteCollection. The following error occurs: The sandboxed code execution request was refused because the Sandboxed Code Host Service was too busy to handle the request.2011-03-18T09:30:00+01:00ff850d8d-eec2-4e53-a5dc-7a112743e977 MVC: Route order is really importantIf you have multiple MVC Routes, check carefully the route order! If a less specific rule comes first, it will be threated first.2011-01-25T13:49:00+01:00e46ea202-86c8-4fd8-ac81-1adbf8f4d4ff MVC: Use Html.ActionLink and add route values / HTML attributes to itIf you render a Link to another Controller / View, you can just use the method 'Html.ActionLink' on a view. If you want to submit additional parameters / action parameters in the link, you can use the overloads of 'Html.ActionLink'.2011-01-11T16:27:00+01:00e9e1b9a5-e3a3-474c-a59d-6d325c532901 MVC: Render a Partial View in a MasterPage or another viewUsualy a MVC Page is rendered using a Controller which loads a Model and supplies the data to the configured View which displays the data.2011-01-11T13:20:00+01:0053b9e238-de73-4e59-8c8e-a81d4f16c028 MVC: Display List data in a viewIf you want to display a IEnumerable<x> List in a View, you cannot use standard ASP.NET WebForms Controls like a ListView to iterate over a list. The reason here is mostly because of the fact that MVC 2 does not implement the Form-ViewState.2011-01-11T13:04:00+01:00332cafba-9ed3-4ba3-a7db-c3c307967edb / Managed Metadata Service: Get Taxonomy Termsets by CodeHere is a small snippet to get a TermSet out of the Managed Metadata Service from SharePoint 20102011-01-03T15:12:00+01:00eca4940a-4302-4579-ad91-d1671e2b14ba Framework: Start using the frameworkHere is a super article, describing the Dialog Framework in SharePoint 2010.2011-01-03T14:41:00+01:007bd0733a-0457-4a17-991f-bccc46c34401 Change the display order of a existing Userprofile PropertyBecause of the fact that the SharePoint way of changing the userprofile propery order is a pain, here is the coding-way doing this task2011-01-03T14:26:00+01:00bb2a4e94-70c4-4132-97d0-71013c3d3188 Get the Display-Value of a lookup fieldShort HowTo about getting the Display-Value of a SharePoint 2010 lookup field2011-01-03T14:17:00+01:00